We focus on ecological projects and clients that value carefully negotiated transactions, solution-focused due diligence, and effective legal & environmental planning.
This real estate company was founded by investors, developers and sales specialists with decades of international experience. We fell in love with Riviera Nayarit’s extraordinary qualities and we want to help others enjoy the special beauty of our unique region – where tropical forest meets the ocean in a beautiful atmosphere of rich Mexican culture.
“We simply can’t overstate how happy we are with Protierra Partners. Randy and Arturo represented the buyer during the sale of our Sayulita home, they were so instrumental to the successful closing that we chose to have them represent us when we sold our adjacent property. Purchasing or selling properties in Mexico can present unexpected challenges but, fortunately, Randy, Arturo and their team of legal experts are super knowledgeable and will make your dreams a reality. You might encounter minor inconveniences but with the expertise of Randy and Arturo your decision will be rewarded tenfold with a slower, more purposeful life.”
Steve & Terri A.
“I am very glad that I was referred to Arturo and Randy for my first property purchase in Mexico. Working with these two has been nothing short of a pleasure. Throughout the process, it has felt that we not only had two professional agents to guide us along with property search, legal, and offer details, but also that we have had two friends that truly care for us, and that genuinely want us to be happy with our new home. Arturo has gracefully visited our property on many occasions to send videos and updates on the progress while we were not in Mexico, and Randy provided a strong helping hand while making changes and reviewing the legal details of the offer agreement. I could not recommend these two enough.”
Adam M.
“Arturo and Randy were the first people we met in Sayulita. They are approachable, informative and happy to share their expertise and a wealth of information about the Sayulita area. We found a great home, but the Sellers needed much hand-holding, as their realtor and lawyer were not very forthcoming or responsive. Arturo stepped in to assist which made the whole procedure smoother than it would otherwise have been. They are happy to make recommendations when asked and share their time willingly. I have recommended them to a few friends who have also chosen to work with them and are very happy with them. They are professional yet a fun bunch - never a dull moment working with them!”
Sharlene & Eric
“Buying a home or property in Mexico can be... well... complicated. When we stepped into this unfamiliar world to buy a small hotel, we had no idea how challenging the journey would be... nor how steadily the team at Protierra would stand by us through the entire process. It is not an exaggeration to say that without them guiding our journey, we simply wouldn't have been able to navigate the transaction. And, perhaps more to the point, without their steady hands on the wheel, we would never have emerged from the far end of the process with our enthusiasm for living in Sayulita fully intact. That they have also become good friends who we enjoy seeing around town, is just icing on an already amazing cake. We simply can't recommend them highly enough.”
Matthew & Jessica W.
Real estate, with its roots in evolving land use, lies at the intersection of a place’s past and its future. As Brokers, we are enmeshed with the ever-changing dynamics between an ecology, a community and the economy.

Our mission as Brokers is to prioritize stewardship, sensible growth and forms of development that don’t leave locals behind.
Here is the lowdown on what you can generally and specifically expect from us…
Sellers access our network of buyers who value location over cost
Outcomes that optimize both your lifestyle and your land
Fastidious protection of your privacy and anonymity
Enjoy the ‘agility advantage’ of working with a boutique agency
The ability to detangle complex deals
  • Feasibility and due diligence consultation
  • Land planning and zoning expertise
  • Navigating the local marketplace as a Non-National/Local
  • Regenerative landscape planning consultations available
  • Expert topographical analysis
  • Best-in-field environmental lawyers
  • A range of highly vetted properties
  • Boutique service powered by conservationist principals
  • Expertise in Conservation Trusts
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